Air Medical

Jet Air has been providing Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support patient transfers for 50 years. Our medical teams are standing by to offer the highest level of care in patient transfers and organ procurement flights.

Dispatch Team

Toby Myers
Toby MyersAir Ambulance Manager
Carly Bramlett
Carly BramlettFlight Coordinator

Organ Procurement

Rapid response flights are available for Transplant
teams, Organ Recipients, and Organs. All flights have live
tracking capability, and arrangement of ground
transportation can be included.

Patient Transfers

24-Hour Dispatch & Quotes: 1.888.253.8247

Jet Air Care’s medical team consists of Critical Care Nurses, Emergency Physicians,
Paramedics, and Respiratory Therapists, all of whom are state certified. All medical flight
crews are trained in flight physiology and can maintain contact with the medical director
throughout the transfer process. Not only does Jet Air Care exceed standards of the FAA,
but they also hold ARG/US and Wyvern Safety ratings for their fleet and crews.

Medical air flight interior
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