Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions

When selling or purchasing an aircraft, it is important to have an industry expert as your advocate from the initial evaluation process through closing. Our sales team has the industry contacts, tools, and experience to give our clients a competitive advantage in the aviation marketplace. Leveraging our resources in your next transaction will save you time and money.

Industry Contacts:
With more than 45 years in the aviation industry, we have built relationships with numerous flight departments, financial institutions, maintenance facilities, pilots, and other aviation professionals throughout the world. This network gives us advance notice about new aircraft which may be coming on the market or potential buyers who might be preparing to find an aircraft.

Industry Tools:
We subscribe to the leading aviation market research programs to gather up-to-date industry data. These programs give insight into available and off-market aircraft, recent transactions, market trends, aircraft performance, and operation costs. This data helps us provide a comprehensive approach to aircraft sales and acquisitions for our clients.

Industry Experience:
The experience of our sales team spans a wide range of makes, models, manufacturers and categories of private aircraft. In addition, our sales team is backed by more than 65 staff members with expertise in aviation maintenance, avionics, ground handling, flight operations, and logistics.

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Our Sales Team

Phillip Wolford

Vice President / Partner

Matt Wolford

General Manager

Harrel Timmons

President / Founder