Pilot Training & Flying Lessons

Jet Air, Inc. has provided flight training for over 50 years. Whether your interest is Business, Pleasure, or Professional flying, you will receive experienced, personalized flight and ground instruction.

Instructors are available to meet 7 days per week by appointment (weather permitting). Contact us today to set up a time for an introductory flight and to discuss the next steps towards your pilot license!

Flight Training Locations

Contact Chief Flight Instructor

Aaron Repp
Aaron ReppChief Flight Instructor
Training at Galesburg, Iowa City, and Burlington

Training Offered

• Private Pilot License
• Instrument Rating

• Commercial Pilot License
• Flight Instructor (CFI, CFII)

Other ratings available with customer supplied aircraft

Training & Rental Aircraft

Jet Air also provides rental in our training aircraft
for certified pilots.
To rent an aircraft, you must have the following:

Current Bi-Annual Flight Review
Current Medical Certificate
Valid Driver’s License
Pilot or Student Certificate

2001 Cessna 172S


Location: Iowa City, IA
Featuring: King Avionics with Autopilot

2000 Cessna C172S

2001 Cessna 172S


Location: Galesburg, IL
Featuring: King Avionics with HSI and Autopilot

2000 Cessna 172S


Location: Iowa City, IA
Featuring: King Avionics with Autopilot

2000 Cessna 172R


Location: Burlington, IA and Galesburg, IL
Featuring: Garmin 400 WAAS and Stratus ADS-B

2001 Cessna 172R


Location: Burlington, IA
Featuring: King Avionics

2005 Cessna 172R


Location: Iowa City, IA
Featuring: G1000 Avionics